Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bomb hoax on the Penang Bridge causing major jam

Don't mean to make this like a news headline. But my K-Kia phoned me from Penang and asked me to check the Penang Bridge traffic condition because he heard about a bomb threat. He and his group of college mates cannot return to Butterworth due to the jam.

Meanwhile, my poor hubby got caught in the other side of the island. He is returning home from work in Kulim, heading to Penang. According to him, there is security check going on which caused the jam to stretch a few kilometres.

I tried checking for any official news and also the live video feeds but unfortunately, couldn't get it. Either my PC does not have the software to run it or the photos aren't available.

Anyone got any leads on this? Real bomb threat?

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Kvin said...

wah..ur post so updated! do u have any picture on the traffic?