Monday, April 23, 2007

Paintball, anyone?

My sons love paintball games and will bugged me to bring them for a game whenever possible. However, we do not have that great paintball fields over here. In fact we have one miserable one over here unless we travel to another state.

So, when they see this paintball store Ultimate Paintball with so many types of paintball gear, paintball guns and other smart parts, they go crazy with it. They insist on surfing through every items available and are talking about getting some so that they have better equipment the next time they visit the paintball arena. For a start, they want a cheap paintball guns so that they can own theirs without having to rent.

Well, though I don't mind them enjoying this adrenalin rush game with their friends, I always remind them to wear proper safety gears, paintball mask and make sure they are following the rules and regulation and play safely.

However, I just love those little coloured paintballs and sometime pick them for photography. They make very good photography subjects. I am not much of a sport person so that's about all I do with paintballs.

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