Tuesday, May 15, 2007

PayPerPost HDTV Tuesdays

PayPerPost has got to be the coolest paid post company around. Not only do the posties earn money while having fun blogging, they now have the chance to win cool gadgets as prizes too.

Last week, I saw an opp with simple words like 'fly to Canada' but upon clicking, I see that the lucky winner gets a PSP3! Oh wow, that's like strikingly the lottery, isn't it?

With PayPerPost, you can make money and win cool prizes. This week on Tuesday (May 15) you can grab a Slingbox, Nintendo Wii, Yamaha Surround Sound System or a Logitech universal remote. OMG, that's so many prizes to win in a day!

Of course, all these are made possible with the generous sponsorship of Bid4Prizes . Now, I wish to give a loud shoutout to Bid4Prizes. THANK YOU, BID4PRIZES. THANK YOU, PAYPERPOST. Both of you made our Tuesday so much more happening.

With this HDTV Tuesadays, posties have already grabbed Opps with Apple TVs and a PS3, and more cool stuff is on the way including a new HDTV at the end of this month! But *sniff*, they are only limited to posties in the USA. Nevertheless, I feel happy for my posties friends over there for the excitement and for winning.

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