Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Those darn cartoons and movies

If you are a parent to little kids, then, you can understand my lamentations. With each new movie, comes a huge range of kids beddings that I need to buy. Happy Feet, The Incredibles and now, SpiderMan 3 and soon, Pirates of the Carribean.

Once they have watched the movies and cartoons, they are going to whine and whine for a novelty bedsheet, shirt, toys and etc etc. So, in the end, my kids' bedroom looks like a movie set. Arrggh...those people must make a bunch of money from these. Because I am getting broke with each new movie.

But then again, like every parents, I sure love to splurge on kids bedding because they make the children's bedroom so adorable. There is nothing like watching our little kids snoozing so innocently on those beautiful kids bedding. The feelings of total joy is priceless.

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