Friday, June 08, 2007

Colouring for kids

My four years old is not getting more and more inquisitive. He will ask endless strings of questions and it can go on the whole day. So, I like to distract him a bit with something to do like playing some educational toys, reading and colouring. However, the little fingers get tired easily or he got bored fast. So, crayons and colour pencils made him lost interest after a while.

Then, I chance upon the online sites offering colouring pages with just clicks of the mouse. Coloring Pages are easily accessible without the need for long loading and all that. The kids can just click the colour they want and colour the pictures.

Some of them are for girls as I believe girls love to colour more than boys. However, my son too enjoyed the activity and will spend some time amusing himself with the ease of colouring.

If you registered, you can also save the pictures for printing. So, moms out there, if you have kids who get bored easily, try out the link provided.


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