Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ties that make the man

I was surfing through Belisi's site and stumble upon the men's fashion accessories. For some funny reason, the ties evoke some feelings in me.

You know how those high flying, corporate big guns love stripe shirts and blue ties. But those are pretty dull to me. I know a guy who used to wear cartoon ties. It takes a lot of savvy to carry off that and he did it so well. For a long time, I got a big crush on him because of his guts.

Now, whenever I see a tie with cartoon characters, I somehow miss that goon. If you want to find something unique for your man, try the entertainer tie on Belisi's site. LOL, it reminds me of my Windows Vista screensavers with those floating bubbles. I love it, ok? In fact, there are so many types of ties on Belisi's site, I wish to grab them all and make my hubby wears it everyday.

*This fashion tip is from Belisi*

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