Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Get me a pair of sunglasses before I fetch your sons

Normally, my teenage sons took the bus or ride the bike home. My eldest will ride the bike and the younger one takes the bus because he refused to ride on his big brother's bike as that fella speeding freaks him out.

Now that my eldest has a cast on his right wrist, he cannot drive nor ride the bike. It is quite risky to let him take a bus. So, hubby wants me to fetch the two of them every afternoon. Ok, even if he doesn't insist, I will do it 'cos I am the mom, ok?

Do you know what killer sun is at noon? One cannot open the eyes and the heat is unbearable. So, I told my hubby to buy me an expensive, latest fashion sunglasses before I dutifully do my driver's duties. I want a pair of Prada or Tom Ford's "Whitney" sunglasses so that it will shield the areas around my eyes from the hot burning sun.

I will get that man to check out this site with lots of sunglasses and price comparisons from all the stores. No sunglasses, no talk.

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