Monday, October 29, 2007

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

We humans are very hard to please. When it is too hot, we complain. When it is too cold, we complain. Right now, I am going to whine about today being a Monday. The rain has came down since this morning. I hate waking up on a Monday with the rain pelting down. It spells blues.

On days like these, I wish I am not here but living in some exotic island in Hawaii like the Hawaiian Vacation Kailua. The island is so breathtaking beautiful and warm. I have enough of wet, cold weather. I want warm, sunny weather with sparkling seas. It doesn't help that when I read the Kauai Travel Blog, it makes me even more depressed. I can't afford to go and yet, I really, really wish I can just fly off now. Go get a ticket, make some room reservations at this Kauai Vacation Rentals and just fly off.

Hawaii being a beach holiday resort also means I do not need to pack anything much. Just basic clothings and I am good to go. *sigh* If only things are as easy as it sounds. If only I am single and rich. If only....

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