Sunday, November 11, 2007

Checklist for blog marathon

Both Samm and I are going to have our orgies real soon. LOL, only we know what sort of orgy we are talking about. So, I am getting ready stuffs I need for such session.

These are the things I enjoy:

1) A big bottle of water

2) A bar of dark chocolate. I have a 70% cocoa Lindt chocolate on my table. The most expensive I can find. If you are going to get fat, might as well get fat over expensive stuffs, eh?

3) Crispy seaweed. I am addicted to the crispy seaweed which is really crispy and crunchy.

4) Dried mangoes

5) Music, music, music.

I have assigned the two kids to hubby already. Two older ones are away so left only two young ones. They are going to the swimming pool later and that means I have the house all to myself. To enjoy my orgy.

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