Monday, January 14, 2008

Si peh fake comments

Someone kill me already! I have never seen a bunch of fakey commentors as what I have just seen.

There is this bunch of silais praising and praising something that in my opinion is si peh fugly. I was like WTF, tiu lor, don't be so cruel, can? If not nice, don't lah go praise like those are some diamonds like that. Do the person a favour lah, if you think it is lala, just say something else lor. Why go braff braff like that leh?

Damn, I hope I don't ever attract carry cibais and lampars readers like that. I'd rather get no comments than comments like those. Niamah, blueeeekkkk.

1 comment:

Samm said...

Hands out potty for you to bluueeekkkk....