Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Malaysia 12th General Election - so boring can die

Yeap, I am talking about the Malaysia 12th General Election which will help anytime from now. Pak Lah has announced the dissolution of parliament and from now till 16th may 2008, the country must go out and vote for a new Malaysian Government in the next general election 2008.

This is a time when all politicians put on their smiling faces masks, put on their fake hands for the endless handshakes and talk cock all night and all day long. I so very hate it because you will see many posters and banners flapping everywhere until the 12th Malaysia general election is over.

The only nice thing about the general election in Malaysia is the free holiday for everyone.

I hope they dig out lots of juicy gossips for me to fill my blogs before the 2008 Malaysia general election . Tralalalala

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