Thursday, February 14, 2008

Malaysia Election Day - March 8 2008

Oh man, why did they choose a Saturday to do this? I would prefer a Friday so that my dear hubby can escape work. But anyway, it has been announced that the date for the polling for Malaysia election, i.e. the day we go to vote is on March 8 2008.

It means I won't be able to attend the pajama party in KL organized by Nuffnang. LOL, not that I plan to go but since it clashed, it means I won't be going at all as I must cast my vote.

We Hokkien call election Suan Ku. So, all Malaysians, take note of the date, ok? Remember to cast your vote for change. Let's see some new faces.

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Anonymous said...

Ah Soh, Ah Meh and Ah Chim,

Polling Day is NOT A PUBLIC HOLIDAY by BN Government. But why we want to continue to vote 4 them when they do not give us Day off to sleep?

Kam Sia (2)