Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wholesale roses for wedding decorations

I have been to several weddings of the nephews and nieces and find that the recent wave of decorations are so breathtaking. For example, during my nephew's wedding at a very posh resort, he and his wife use white plum flowers all over the banquet hall.

During the garden wedding, they have white roses which were lined along the path where the bride walked down the aisle. There were roses everywhere and I asked my nephew if he had spent a fortune on those roses. He said it was part of the package from the wedding planner and they got these wholesale roses at a special price.

Between roses and balloons, I love roses. There are some wedding decorations that have lots and lots of balloons. I freak out at those balloons because they pop a lot. Gee, just thinking about popping balloon made my hair stands on ends.

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