Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I never claim to use Celebrity Sexy Teeth, ok?

Kanasai siao ang moh anjing betina. I never say I used celebrity sexy teeth before, okayyyy? My review clearly stated that I read that the site claim....I never say I used it and it works for me.

CCB flame me that I promote a scam product. When did I ask you to buy? And is it my fault that you didn't know how to look for the return address? It was right there at the bottom of the page, you sendiri buta.

So, this siao ang moh anjing betina hari hari kacau me on my other blog. I have put up how to claim for refund for Celebrity Sexy Teeth whitener. Cilaka. Niamah. Blind people also know that it was a sponsored review. And though a sponsored review, I never said I used it before. Bodoh. Ptui.

Somemore kacau me, I sue you for harrassing me. Cilaka.

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